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Consultants and Suppliers of dispensing equipment for the manufacture of thermosetting plastics

Representing MAGNUM, VENUS world leaders in the dispensing of plural components.


With HIS (Hydraulic Injection System) incorporating true internal airless mixing and double acting variable ratio displacement pumps, offers superior equipment and technology for processing various thermosetting materials
1 World leaders in plural component proportioning equipment specialising in the following applications:- Polyurethane Dispensing Equipment for Spray and Pour Applications, Polyurea and Elastomer Spray Equipment


Plural component processing equipment available in low or high pressure in static, impingement, or dynamic mix, with variable ratio (5-1, 1-5) speed controlled geared pumps, with output ranges from 100g to 100kilos dispensing polyurethane's flexible or ridgid foam and spray or cast solid elastomers.
3 Specialists in the design and manufacture of precision dispensing equipment for accurately metering and dispensing a wide variety of single and plural components (static mixed) resin systems utilising their Posiload single action piston type and rod displacement pumps for a wide range of ratios (1-1 to over 200-1 and shot sizes from .05cc to 1000cc)

For all your information on the latest equipment for handling Fibreglass, Polyurethanes, Polyurea Elastomer and many other plural components (static mixed) resins visit the Magnum Venus site via the link above. When you've seen it all return here to the Australian Agent for these systems whose service, supply and backup is unsurpassed in Australia. Ring or E-Mail us for quotes, advice and troubleshooting.


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